Sunday, April 8, 2018

Warlord Paint Test #2

After a quick bath in Simple Green, I gave the Tiger Eyes titan legion color scheme another shot not the spare warhound shin. This was a fast paint job, but I've learned quite a bit already. My enamels have become chunky, and Scale 75 gold does not cover as well as I thought. With that said, I am happier with the hard edged black flames than the soft edged ones, and I think adding green and blue to the color scheme really helps. I think some Legio Furian white script in the blue stripes would look really cool.

Time to dump the shin back into Simple Green for another scrub down.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

6mm Epic 30K Building

I wanted some new Epic 30k buildings, so I designed one use CAD and printed it at home using a cheapo DLP printer. This is the first print painted up to a usable state. I didn't spend much time painting this model, the goal was to see how visible the print lines were. I'm fairly please with how it turned out, but there is some waviness to the front of the building. Weirdly, if I print the building at a 30 degree angle instead of straight up, it prints better. Lesson learned. (or relearned in this case thanks to my helpful guru Brian)

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Warlord Titan Paint Scheme Test WIP 10

I haven't done this in a while, but I grabbed an unused warhound titan shin piece and tried out the first potential paint scheme for the warlord. This is definitely not the paint scheme I am going to pick, despite it having the greatest decal sheet of any titan legion. I almost didn't post this, but I figured it was worth it to share some failures with everyone now and then.

The next test I had to do was with GW varnish. I haven't used any GW varnish product in years because they have been almost universally terrible. While I didn't get any frosting, the varnish dried semi-gloss, which I think ruins most models. The varnish does have a use though. It is durable, and can be used instead of Tamiya semi-gloss varnish to protect paint jobs from enamels and oils.

In the shots above, the shin has had AK-Interactive Ultra-Matte varnish sprayed over the GW varnish.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Warlord Titan Cockpit Ready WIP 9

I'm pretty sure this interior will never be seen, but knowing that it is painted makes me feel good. With a model as expensive as this, I think it is important to paint every detail, no matter how small. This is a build to be cherished.

The figures will be painted cleanly so they contrast with the heavily worn interior. For now this is good enough to glue together.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Warlord Titan Cockpit WIP 8

The enamel is still drying, so I can't tidy up pin lining and streaking yet, but I like how the interior is turning out. Granted, very little of this will be visible when the head has been added to the model, but I will know the cockpit is painted, and that is something.

I'm looking forward to knocking the gloss coat back to matte and adding some weathering powders. Once that is done I can glue the head together and paint the figures later. It does feel pretty weird taking a break from building the thing in order to start painting sections.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Warlord Titan Piddly Bits WIP 7

I have been struggling to reshape the armor plates so they fit on the legs. After a few futile hours, I changed course and decided to add the railings and infantry defense weaponry. Even these pieces needed the hot air gun to reshape them. With these prices on, I only have the armor pieces and head to do before I start the massive mould line removal process.

Anyone want to come over and scrape mould lines. I've got lots to share! :)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Warlord Titan Weapons/Arms WIP 6

The absurdity of this model is clear. In order to pin the arms, I've had to use three foot long bolt cutters, and seriously large brass rods. The good news is that I am narrowing in on the most exciting part of the build.

mould lines!

That's right, once I have the armor plates attached, I'm going to start removing the visible lines. This way I can ignore mould lines that occur under the armor sections.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Warlord Titan She Walks WIP 5

With all the prep work done, the pin holes we drilled, the glue was mixed, and the titan took it's first steps. Taking cues from Dave Taylor's  titan build, I took special care in leveling the pelvis.

Now we wait. In 24 hours I'll know if the Titan can stand without a base. I really hope it can, but the striding pose might be too much for that.