Thursday, December 14, 2017

Beginnings of an Epic 30k Table

With our first Net Epic Gold 30k game coming up, we needed a table. Instead of repurposing an existing table, I decided to make a whole set of terrain that we could futz with until we figured out how terrain works. I think this is an ok table, but not what I wanted. While the ruined church reads well, the rest of the city blocks look terrible to me. I may have to crush up the bases and glue them directly to the board before I move onto water effects for the holding ponds, and scatter debris. Anyone have suggestions for how to fix this terrain? I love building terrain, but on this table I'm struggling a bit. It might be the huge time constraints, but I think I just got over zealous with making portable city blocks. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Tiny Titan

Like many, I'm waiting for Adeptus Titanicus to be re-released. The teaser rules, and shots of the 10mm titans have been drool inducing. However, the game seems held up. Since we are playing epic now, I needed a warlord titan equivalent for my force. With none available, I decided to print one. It would be a good test of low cost 3D printing. Over the course of a week it slowly printed out the parts to contract this model. The quality is poor, but the model is still quite evocative. I really hope GW releases a similarly styled titan.

Before anyone asks, this guy is not commercially available or for sale. (I do have a lot of Blood Angels on ebay though) Once AT is re-released, I'm going to pick up the new titans and replace him.  At that point this model will be turned into terrain.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Selling Old Armies on eBay

I have many iterations of my Blood Angels army. It is time to get rid of one of them. I've listed my first Blood Angels army for sale. I wasn't sure if I should individually list the units, or sell it as one single lot, so I decided to list them individually. If you want anything in particular please let me know. These models are old, but they still have a certain amount of charm. I especially like my death company jump packs. Those were fun to make. If you have any advice or tips please let me know. I have very little ebay selling experience. Maybe I should toss my Mint-crons and tau on it as well.

ebay link